Medial muscle

The front of the head rectus (m. rectus capitis anterior) with bilateral reduction tilts his head forward, and unilateral reduction lowers his head in his side. The muscle begins at the transverse process and lateral masses I cervical vertebra, and is attached to the lower surface of the basilar occipital bone.

The lateral rectus of the head (m. rectus capitis lateralis) with bilateral reduction tilts his head forward, and when unilateral reduction - in their favor. Start point of the muscle is located on the transverse process I cervical vertebra, and the mounting position - on the lateral occipital bone.

The long head muscle (m. longus cspitis) lowers his head and cervical spine forward, and also participates in the rotation of the head. The muscle begins at the anterior tubercles of transverse processes of III-VI of the cervical vertebrae and is attached to the bottom of the main part of the occipital bone.

Long neck muscle (m. longus coli), cutting, tilts his neck to his side and forward. The muscle consists of two parts: the upper (lateral) and lower (medial). Starting point is at the top of the transverse processes of the IV-VI of the cervical vertebrae, and the mounting position - the front mound I cervical vertebra. Start point is the lower part of the bodies of three upper thoracic vertebrae and three lower cervical vertebrae, the place attachment - Body II-IV cervical vertebrae and transverse processes V-VII of the cervical vertebrae.

List of Abbreviations

a., aa. — arteria, arteriae (artery, the artery)

lig., ligg. — ligamentum, ligamenta (ligament, the ligaments)

m., mm. — musculus, musculi (muscle, the muscle)

n., nn. — nervus, nervi (nerve, the nerve)

r., rr. — ramus, rami (branch)

s. — seu (or)

v., vv. — vena, venae (vienna)