The lateral muscles

Scalenus anterior (m. scalenus anterior), with bilateral reduction of cervical spine tilts forward a unilateral reduction in - in his side. For a fixed position the spine muscle raises the I edge. Muscle starts from the anterior tubercles III-VI of the cervical vertebrae, the place of its attachment is anterior scalene muscle tubercle I edge.

Middle scalene muscle (m. scalenus medius) while reducing the neck bends forward, and at a fixed position of the neck raises the I edge. Start point of the muscle is located on the front mound six lower cervical vertebrae, and mounting position - on top of the I edges.

Scalenus posterior (m. scalenus posterior) raised rib II, at a fixed position of the chest flexes the cervical spine forward. It starts at the back muscle bumps IV-VI of the cervical vertebrae and is attached to the outer surface of the ribs II.

List of Abbreviations

a., aa. — arteria, arteriae (artery, the artery)

lig., ligg. — ligamentum, ligamenta (ligament, the ligaments)

m., mm. — musculus, musculi (muscle, the muscle)

n., nn. — nervus, nervi (nerve, the nerve)

r., rr. — ramus, rami (branch)

s. — seu (or)

v., vv. — vena, venae (vienna)